Eyelash Extensions
New Set $89
Refill $49

Skin Care

Facials were once considered a luxury. Now we see it as a necessity to maintain the youthful look of the skin and vitality.

Express Facial $45

Truly relaxing experience of skin rejuvenation. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, extracting, massaging, and a refreshing mask. (Approx. 40min.)

European Facial Glow $65

Relaxing and refreshing facial treatment involving cleansing, toning, exfoliating, extracting, massing, and a mask. Special attention to neck, shoulders, and arms. (Approx. 60min.)

Anti-Aging Facial $75

Helps your skin look younger, and re-hydrates & stimulates the skin with a process that will reverse the signs of aging. (Approx. 70min.)